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TEX SHINOBI - The last prototype

TEX SHINOBI - The last prototype

About our TEX SHINOBI mold tooling , after our 1st design ( in 2019-June ) , we change 3 times in mold design , make 3 times 3D print for test and make sure all mechanical parts design is correct or not .

We make a big different in 2 points

1. BLE module mechanical parts , we change BLE module design , that module can all insert to keyboard ,and you can see that different with 1st version 


1st BLE module

2. We change mouse 3 keys area , make more curve and smooth , we test 1st version and our thumb will be scratch , so we make big change 


All of that design change , we just want provide better user experience to all my customer , because that change we have to pay more and more time .
We are really sorry about estimate shipping date will be delay , original ETD in 2019-DEC, but right now , we have to delay to 2020-Feb !
For all pre-order customer , we will support some gift for you , and hope you guys can understand why we delay , we do want make better design for you .
Thanks !
TEX Electronics


Nov 21, 2019 • Posted by Qunshan

Thanks for your updating!It’s worth for waiting.

Nov 21, 2019 • Posted by Anmar

Thanks for the update. Delays are inevitable so no problem.

Just keep updating us. I myself can’t wait to get my board I ordered months ago.

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